What is this thing called 9Stucks?
9Stucks is a dynamic business diagnostic tool. It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform.

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What is this thing called 9Stucks?

9Stucks is a dynamic business diagnostic tool developed by Jim McHugh. It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform. 


  • These 9 stuck conditions negatively impact business performance, business growth, profitability and shareholder value
  • The 9Stucks diagnostic tool is comprehensive. It nails down common but unique challenges in strategy, operations, finance, culture, and people
  • The tool is validated by decades of real experience; it’s not theoretical
  • The 9Stucks tool is used by CEOs, Senior Management, Investors, Directors, or anyone in a company who wants to become a Stuck Warrior
  • The 9Stucks tool asks the right questions, gets the right answers, and serves as a springboard to Fixing Stuck Companies.
  • A snapshot of all 9Stucks can be found on this page

9Stucks  is used to help organizations of all types quickly identify, reach agreement about, and craft solutions to the real strategic, operational, financial and people challenges that limit growth and value creation.

9Stucks was created by Jim McHugh, President of McHugh & Company.  For more background on Jim, go here.

Do you think your company is stuck? To find out, go here.

Do you want to contact Jim McHugh for assistance? Go here.

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This Blog’s Goals:

  1. Help people at all levels in any organization get a positive, lasting change program started…and then finish it
  2. Listen to you! Create an upbeat, constructive, helpful community where you can get involved and share ideas, stories and suggestions on how to fix stuck organizations
  3. Educate with real world examples of how people used the 9Stucks to transform their companies

More on Reality vs. Theory:

Blog posts will focus on: 1) examples of 9Stucks situations from Jim’s 20+ years of consulting, 2) examples of the 9Stucks from the current business press, 3) discussions related to published content, articles, etc. The examples taken from Jim McHugh’s consulting work will be real experiences, but the actual company name and unique client information will be disguised. The stories accurately reflect the issues, approaches, solutions and outcomes of his work at the various companies.

9Stucks Comment Policy:

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