What is this thing called 9Stucks?
9Stucks is a dynamic business diagnostic tool. It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform.

What Clients Are Saying


I’ve had the great pleasure to work with courageous leaders, Boards, investors and families.  Here are a few of their generous comments about our working relationship.  A more complete set of client testimonials can be found on my company’s website.

Brian McNamara: CEO, Privately Held Manufacturing Company

“Jim McHugh approaches corporate assessments in a manner similar to the old television detective, Columbo or the modern day CSI shows…first impressions, obvious conclusions or shared initial opinions are heard but only later used as diagnostic tools to assist with the probe. Actual facts, data and research are the only basis of his work. Jim is not a consultant to hire if you are only looking for someone to confirm what you think…regardless of the truth.

He is great listener…He is a patient coach…He approaches all levels of an organization comfortably…He  has an arsenal of experiences with a great variety of companies…He can benchmark situations based on experience or provide fresh analysis as appropriate.”

Principal & Co-Founder: Privately-Held Technology Company

“Jim McHugh was a great help and asset during a critical “stuck” phase for our business. Acting as an outside “pair of eyes” he helped us evaluate sensitive situations involving external markets and internal personnel.  His approach and advice were all very constructive and helped us move forward in a smooth and positive fashion. “

Wick Johnson: Owner, CEO, Privately-Held Manufacturing Company

“Jim has seen it all.  He helps his clients understand the real issues in their business and then develop plans to deal with them. We are a much stronger, more aware company as a result of his involvement.”

Principal: Large Private Equity Fund

“Jim has the ability to sort through the challenges a business or management team is facing, construct an analytical framework to help prioritize where best to focus time and resources, and work with management in a collaborative and constructive way to achieve measurable results.”

CFO: Privately-Held Manufacturing Company

  1. “How do you bring alignment to all the stakeholders in a company?  
  2. When your company feels stuck how do you jumpstart the process?
  3. How do you convert data, data, data into decision making information?
  4. How do you streamline a business process\structure that resembles a rambling old house that’s added one room at a time for 200 years?
  5. Where do you go when you’re looking for a resource to bring your team to the next level?

It became obvious that we needed another set of eyes that weren’t locked into past decisions and assumptions. This is a good company; with good people.  A wholesale restructuring wasn’t our goal, instead we wanted a quality assessment along with input about how to increase our performance to meet all expectations. There are thousands of consultants available.  We needed one that took a holistic view and found that in McHugh & Company.

Since engaging Jim our firm’s growth and profitability have improved significantly and the company’s performance has become more consistent in disruptive economic times.”