What is this thing called 9Stucks?
9Stucks is a dynamic business diagnostic tool. It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform.

Stuck in the Rough: Is Your Company Overgrown With Weeds?

Growth is great, but not when unchecked growth sprouts weeds in your company’s halls, cubicles and production space.

I recently worked with the CEO (Rob) of a company (ServiceCo) that provides outsourced business transaction services to large corporations.  Rob should have been ecstatic with his record level order backlog.  Carefree, happy days were ahead!

But Rob wasn’t happy. He was pretty glum and for good reason. Two factors created the huge backlog:

  1. lots of new orders (great)
  2. the company’s collection of clogged operational practices worked against timely order completion/shipping. It was taking forever to get an order out (not great).

ServiceCo was infested with weeds; they were Stuck in the Rough. Why?

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