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Hostess Brands: Stuck in Their Own Twinkies

“Serving up family time, one smile at a time.”

- Tag line from the home page of the Hostess Brands website

Today I’m announcing that …

Hostess Brands Joins the Top 20 Stuck List

The creator of Twinkies becomes the latest iconic corporate brand to ‘get listed’. Here is my Top 20 Stuck List ranking so far:

  1. Hewlett Packard – Call the Handyman: These Garage Doors are Broken
  2. Yahoo – What Marissa Mayer Should Do To Unstick Yahoo
  3. Hostess Brands
  4. TBA (Hint: baseball team from Boston)
  5. Numbers 5-20…More to Come (any suggestions?)

Hostess filed Chapter 11 (again) this year. Do you Wonder (sorry, bad pun) what happened to drive them back into court a second time? How is it possible that a well known, ubiquitous US corporation that sells millions and millions of sweet, spongy, crumbly, powdery, chocolate and squishy things each year can’t pay its bills?

Find out why Hostess is Stuck and my Top 10 recommendations to fix the company once and for all.

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