What is this thing called 9Stucks?
9Stucks is a dynamic business diagnostic tool. It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform.

Stuck Stories


This section of the blog site will illustrate five different ‘Stuck Stories’, each with their own combinations of the 9Stucks.  There are many, many more examples of completed engagements that I could include here; however, I thought it would be useful to show examples from companies in different industries and in different stages of growth.  Hopefully these will highlight how the 9Stucks apply to a variety of different situations.

The examples taken from my consulting work will be real experiences, but the actual company name and unique client information will be disguised. The stories accurately reflect the issues, approaches, solutions and outcomes of my work at the various companies.

Each Stuck Story illustrated in more detail on their separate pages will highlight my  diagnosis of the various stuck conditions and the work that was done to fix the stucks.

The five Stuck Stories are:

One: StorageCo

  • Industry: Manufactured Products – Consumer 
  • $65 million manufacturer of disposable storage products
  • 3 plants, 2 divisions
  • 100 yrs. old, family-owned, third generation
  • The Stucks (7): DitchSlow LaneAnother WorldRutFogMazeRough

Two: ElectricBoxCo

  • Industry: Manufactured Products – High Tech 
  • Electronic components
  • 1 location with R&D and manufacturing
  • multiple angel investors
  • The Stucks (5): DitchTrafficRutFogMaze

Three: ServiceCo

  • Industry: Professional Services
  • niche consulting – engineering services
  • one location, well-established national presence
  • privately held, two shareholders
  • The Stucks (5): DitchMomentSlow LaneMazeRough

Four: SportsCo

  • Industry: Retail
  • $125 million multi-location, regional retailer
  • 12 locations
  • majority owned by 2 private-equity firms
  • The Stucks (5): DitchSlow LaneFogMazeRough

Five: MetalCo

  • Industry: Manufactured Products – Industrial
  • $50 million manufacturer of industrial components
  • 2 plants, 2 divisions
  • family-owned, one shareholder
  • The Stucks (6): DitchMomentSlow LaneRutFogRough